Obituary of Demetrio Bouzan Tizon

September 21, 2020

Demetrio Bouzan Tizon passed away in his home on Monday, September 21st, 2020 surrounded by loved ones. Demetrio had the most contagious smile and warm energy. He was hardworking, wise, sophisticated, and always kind. He was an incredible and irreplaceable friend, grandfather, father, and husband.

As a friend, he did not need to know you for more than five minutes before making you feel welcome in any room. He was a master at making everyone feel comfortable and happy, even if it meant standing behind the bar serving cocktails. With a hand on your shoulder and a big grin, he never failed to make you feel as though you were a friend or even part of his family.

Demetrio had an unwavering love for his grandchildren. They called him Pepe, a unique nickname that will never fit anyone quite like it fit him. His grandchildren always loved being around him, eating his delicious tortilla de patatas and churros, and watching as he yelled at the soccer on TV. He was always there to hold their hand and tried his best to be present for the most crucial moments in their lives. They will truly miss him every day.

He was a devoted father to two daughters. Throughout his life, Demetrio made it his mission to give his daughters a life full of unforgettable experiences through travel and culture and opened a door to endless opportunities. There was rarely a time when they were not laughing or sharing stories. The bond they shared was beautiful. Through his passing, he has been reunited with his oldest daughter, Alicia, who we are sure welcomed him with open arms.

Demetrio loved his wife, Laura, more than anyone in the world. They kept each other grounded and their love had never wavered in 57 years of marriage. Demetrio and Laura took care of each other in every moment. They were the epitome of two people who followed every vow they recited on their wedding day. He never failed to make Laura feel adored and appreciated. Although he is no longer with us, the love they share can never be damaged and we believe he will continue to take care of her. Their devotion to one another is special and a true dream.

Demetrio Bouzan Tizon is survived by his wife, Laura, daughter, Cristina, and four grandchildren. He completed not only our family but all of our hearts. There will come a time when we will see him again, Johnny Walker Black in hand. Until then, it is certain he will undoubtedly be the most caring guardian angel in the sky above. Te queremos mucho, Pepe.

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