Obituary of Augusto Mariani

October 21, 2020

It is with great sadness that Lorenzo, Tilde and Angela communicate the sudden passing of their beloved brother Augusto (Augie) Mariani on October 21st, 2020.
He was not only our wonderful big brother, but also a loving "Zio Augie" to his nieces and nephews, an affectionate cousin, a loyal friend, not to mention the most dedicated dog owner you could ever meet. His immeasurable attachment to his dear sweet Noelle was unparalleled.
To know Augie was to love him, all of these characteristics are what made him so unique, he was sharp witted, stubborn, fun loving, loyal, quirky (in the most wonderful way possible) and truehearted. Most of all, he was unconditionally devoted to his family.
Augie carried out the legacy of the ASTI Restaurant, a NYC landmark founded by our father in 1925 to perfection – he was a consummate entertainer and host and will be greatly missed by us all.

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He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

Posted by: Elias Pena Gomez - New York, NY - November 12, 2020

I was thinking about a song to dedicate to you on this very sad occasion.
I could have chosen 'The End' but that would have been far too predictable. And it wouldn't have been appropriate, cause I'm sure we'll meet again in a better place one day. I guess 'Riders on the storm' best describes you, Augie.
I'll cherish the memories of our long bilingual talks about music and life, of our summer shenanigans and the sound of our laughters.
Life may take us on differents paths, but it can't wash away a friendship worthy of the name, and neither will time.
I know as I'm writing this you're probably having a drink with our mutual friend Jim, so say hello to him from me!
Break on through to the other side Augie, I love you ❤

Posted by: Federica Pudva - San Terenzo, - November 12, 2020

Augie was such a sweet and caring man who has been taken from us far too soon. He will forever be missed by all of us that had the privilege to know him. My sincerest condolences to the entire family for this tragic loss. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Rest In Peace Augie

Posted by: Steve Korman - Merrick, NY - November 12, 2020

It is no secret that Augie had a Huge giving heart. We often saw this in action. He was also funny and entertaining. Everyone knew him & Noelle and enjoyed his company. He will be sorely missed. He was truly one of our favorites

Posted by: Brenda McRae - New York, NY - November 12, 2020

a big and deep hug❤❤❤

Posted by: Carlo Scetta - Riccò del golfo di La S, - November 12, 2020

Augie gave me my first job in NYC. I was a freshmen at NYU and he hired me to be a cashier on that antique register. I learned how to multi-task, (credit goes to Gianni for that.) But Augie let me be myself completely. He encouraged my singing and challenged me to learn more opera and classical music. He was always happy to be in the restaurant and it was infectious to the customers. Most importantly, Augie and the extended Mariani family were SO GENEROUS! My freeloading, college friends would pop in, or my mother had a birthday, the check would magically fly out the window. And the generosity never ran out. He hired the most incredible singers and found people who just fit with Asti's quirky and original personality. When Asti closed, NYC got a little less awesome. The experiences I had there shaped a lot of who I am as a person. Augie made sure he had my back and everyones' back if there were any problems. He was a fiercely loyal man with a huge personality, and could find the humor in everything. I think of him often and the world is less bright without him. I hope heaven is ready for him!

Posted by: Rachel Stern - Astoria, NY - November 12, 2020

Profoundly sad to hear of Augie's passing. He meant so much to me and my family. A close friend of my dads, they shared so many memories together at Asti's. Augie was so giving and loving. Will remember him always and miss him. Heaven is lucky!

Posted by: Tammy Alvino - New York, NV - November 12, 2020

Profoundly sad to hear of Augie's passing. He meant so much to me and my family. A close friend of my dads, they shared so many memories together at Asti's. Augie was so giving and loving. Will remember him always and miss him. Heaven is lucky!

Posted by: Tammy Alvino - New York, NY - November 12, 2020

Dearest Augie was born to be the head of the family. He loved all aspects of being part of his loving Mariani family and part of his Italian friends family. He will be greatly missed. His gruff demeanor concealed his heart of gold - but not really. If you loved him, you knew no better friend.
Miss you Augie.
Lydia, Zac & Luca

Posted by: Lydia Babbit - Huntington, NY - November 13, 2020

Augusto, manchi tanto a tutti noi.

La famiglia di Ribalta

Posted by: Rosario Procino - New York, NY - November 13, 2020

With deepest sympathy to the Mariani Family,
Dear Augusto,
Memories grow even more precious, when we see that
those we have loved live on within our hearts.
I miss you, my friend.
Rest In Peace.
Mary Acerra

Posted by: Mary acerra - gilbert, AZ - November 13, 2020

Augie was truly one of a kind. He was one of the most diligent workers that I have ever known. He took great pride in his family, colleagues, co-workers and of course, the legacy of the Asti restaurant. I will always remember his kindness and generosity to my mother and father. Whenever they came into New York for a visit. Augie always insisted that they come to the restaurant for dinner and extended them every possible courtesy. It always meant a lot to them and to me. I will miss his sense of humor, friendship, loyalty and perhaps most of all, his no-nonsense approach to life. I am now and will always be grateful for having known him.

Posted by: Arturo Spinetti - Annandale, NJ - November 14, 2020

Caro Augie, che brutto scherzo ci hai fatto... Questa è la notizia che non avremmo mai voluto ricevere.
Ti ho conosciuto quando ero solo un bambino e mi lasci davvero tanti bei ricordi.
Abbiamo condiviso dei momenti indimenticabili e tanta bella musica.
Ti ho voluto bene, amico mio, e non ti dimenticherò e lo stesso vale per i miei genitori, che sono ancora increduli.
Un pensiero a te e un abbraccio a Tilde, Angela, Lorenzo e tutta la famiglia. Bye Augie,


Posted by: Antonello Pudva - , - November 15, 2020

Seeing Augie walking his dog in the neighborhood and giving a friendly hello was a staple of my day. He was an old-school, reliable, and trust-worthy person that is rare to find these days. We will miss you Augie.

Posted by: The Makker Family - New York, NY - November 11, 2020

Tilde, Angela, Lorenzo and families,
I am so very sorry for your loss. I haven't seen Augie since we were kids on L.I but I always remember him as such a smiley, funny, nice guy. I know he will be greatly missed. Wishing you peace and many great memories of your Augie Doggie.

Posted by: Tina Erardi - New York, NY - November 11, 2020

Hello Augie, our amazing sweet friend. Thank you for always being a great support for us especially for your friend Mymo, he is going to miss you so much. We will miss our weekly conversations. We had so much fun together , we will cherish every second of them. We love you Augie so very much, be good until we will meet again

Posted by: Mimo Silvana Masi - Sterenzo Lerici, - November 11, 2020

Rest In Peace Augie. It's hard to believe I won't have a phone call with you anymore. You always made me giggle and I love how you respected lunchtime - a true Italian. Thanks for your trust in me - you made me feel special and made my day a bit more interesting. I always enjoyed working with you. I wish we had the opportunity to meet Riposa in pace

Posted by: Rosanna Sa - Massapequa, NY - November 11, 2020

Augie Mariani was a genuine Greenwich Village Legend. Everyone who knew him seemed to have an Augie story to tell. He never failed to maintain the common touch, was always fair, and kind to everyone. Larger than life is a phrase that describes him but only barely. Walking his dog to midtown and back every day he often stopped to chat with the local folks. He knew everything about how to keep his beloved buildings running and if was a problem he often would show up at the tenant's door before the repair guys. His history of hard work took a toll on his body in his last days, and he had a number of corrective surgeries to try to repair the damages. Throughout it all he kept his sense of humor and his sharp mind. Rest In Peace Augie. You are so missed already.

Posted by: Richard Edwards - New York, NY - November 11, 2020

I first met Augie in football pre-season as a ninth-grader. Augie was to be our fullback given his powerful physique and aggression. Both he and Larry Mauer were to be the backfield. However, if I remember correctly, Augie got injured and Larry played for the varsity leaving us hapless 9th graders to our eventual comeuppance. Augie was gregarious, friendly, and full of confidence. As we got older, we heard of the Asti and went there several times, most notably for Gene Hamilton's bachelor party. I took my wife to the Asti years later when we first married and Augie treated us royally. Helen was most impressed that I knew such a great guy in Litltle Italy. Probabaly convinced her to keep me. Rest easy Augusto. You will be missed. Save a table for me upstairs if I can keep my reservation.. Kevin Glynn FA 72.

Posted by: Kevin Glynn - Los Angeles, CA - November 11, 2020

Though we did not know each other well, we attended school together at Buckley Country Day School. I remember him, and his brother and sister, Lorenzo and Tilde. I recall Augie as handsome, fun and kind, and in later years, when our family visited Asti's Restaurant, a NYC Institution, I was amazed at his talent as well as that of his other family members. His is such a sad loss, too soon. But I am sure that so many others remember him as I do, in the most warm and positive way. My condolences go out to his family. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by: Holly Bannister - Weston, CT - November 11, 2020

I was lucky enough to be able to have called Augie my stepfather for at least 15 years. Without him I would not have been lucky enough to have the great experiences in my childhood that I did and even luckier that he supported and was there every step of the way through my figure skating lessons and competitions. It would be 8:45pm with subway closing at 9pm and I would tell him I was craving a sub, and the next thing I knew him and I were in his Subaru on our way to order food before they closed and memories of me being confused as to why my mother would call him Augusto and other people would call him Augie, so I created his nickname Augiegusto. (Made sense in a little girls mind). Or the love that I had for his dog Blitz, who easily become my best bud growing up. Him and I did not always see to eye to eye, as any normal parent relationship went (seeing as he helped raise me since I was 4) but whenever I needed anything, he always did the very best he could do for me to see my succeed. I would not be where I am today if he was not apart of my life and I thank god everyday that he brought him into it. I am 22 now but will never forget those days with him.

Posted by: Breánna Murphy - , - November 16, 2020

Augie, I can't believe I'm writing this right now. I can't even fathom that I won't get to hear your voice anymore. Such a special individual with a beautiful personality, so loving and caring. I will forever cherish our moments and treasure them. I can't believe I won't get to see you again you always had a smile and always were so sweet to me and those around you. You have definitely left a mark in my life. Shelcey and I are grateful that you came into our lives. Until we meet again, Love you deeply.

Posted by: Arlene Medina - , - November 18, 2020

I will always remember my dear friend, Augie. From the very first time I met him in November of 1973 (when he proudly told me how he had played linebacker in high school) to the last time (in the Summer of 2017), when Mary and I, and our grandson met him for a drink at the "Strip Joint" ( his usual sense of humor and generositiy shone through). What I mean by that is: since all through the years he had always been so generous to me and my family, I thought the very least I could do was to buy him a drink; so he allow
ed me to ask for the check, only to receive a blank check-presenter.

That was old Augie--he had a unique brand of humor. Besides that he was strong as an ox and "furbo", beyond belief. There was absolutely nothing in Asti's that he couldn't do: from getting down practically on his back (in an expensive suit) to deal with a plumbing problem under the bar sink, to filling in for Pasquale doing the PIZZA ACT. His energy was boundless. He was a good boss to work for! He worked hard and played hard.

He was defintely a classy, fun guy to party with. He knew where all the good after-hour places were,

Being Adolph's oldest child, Augie embraced the biz-- following in his father's foot-steps. He had a tall order to fill, and indeed he filled it! So, in conslusion I will always remember Augie and miss him dearly.


As an addendum to Vittorio's words, I want to add that the Mariani Family always treated me like family. Mrs. Mariani even shared her doctor with me. Augie was so generous to me --- each time I entered the restaurant , he greeted me and always gave us our table for late Saturday night gatherings. I will never forget him...his style, class, generosity and kindness to me. I am so happy we had the opportunityi to share our feelings with him when we saw him in 2017. Vito always called him on his birthdays. Augie, know you were loved and appreciated.


Posted by: vito ciepiel - fort thomas, KY - November 20, 2020

I have known Augie since High School. I was even lucky enough to share a summer with Augie and the family in Italy. We were very close friends through school but unfortunately had a misunderstanding (my fault by the way) that kept us apart for years.
Years ago, Barbara and I were in the movie theater seeing a movie titled Big. There is a scene in a restaurant where the Owner and waiters sing happy birthday to Tom Hanks. When they are done, they turn and walk away. It was at that moment that I recognized Augie. Not from his face, but from his swagger. I leaned over to Barbara and said OMG that's Augie and that's Asti. She asked; how can you tell? I said his walk it is unmistakable. Sure enough, Hanks walks out of the restaurant and on the awning - Asti. I still laugh thinking of that.
So, how do you measure a friend? One measure is one who never forgets. After all those years, while I am I sure we both thought of each other often, it as Augie who reached out, wanting to have again, once we once shared. That is a measure of a friend - my very special friend.
I had not spoken or seen Augie in probably 40 years. He sent me an email, out of the blue, asking me to call. I thought the worst something wrong and called right away. Nothing wrong. He just thought it had been too long and we needed to connect again. All cool. I invite him to visit in Houston, as we are about to have our annual Kentucky Derby Party. So; he agrees. He asks what to wear for the party. I tell him I usually wear a Hawaiian shirt and kakis.
Augie comes, we catch-up and it's like old times. The day of the party he goes upstairs to change, and I go to change too. He walks downstairs and he has on the identical color, pattern, even brand shirt that I have on. EXACTLY the same shirt. Brothers through and through. It was hilarious. The rest is history. Like I said right back to the way it was.
Since then, we frequently visited each other, often including Ka

Posted by: Charles Cappello - Richmond, TX - November 23, 2020

We were incredibly sad to hear about Augie's passing. In the few years we had the pleasure to get to know Augie, he was overwhelmingly kind and thoughtful to me and my fiancé. We send all our love to his family and will always have Augie in mind when walking the streets of Greenwich Village.

Posted by: Joseph Eirkson - New York, NY - November 23, 2020

Along with a loving embrace, God looked into your wise, wonderful eyes, and God said, "Well-done, Augusto, well-done!"

Posted by: Jim Neville - Port Washington, NY - November 25, 2020

Spesso quando una persona viene a mancare si tessono nei suoi confronti elogi di circostanza, talvolta non meritati o che possono non corrispondere ad un sentimento autentico. Per Augusto tutto questo non puo' succedere, perche' non era possibile non amarlo sinceramente per il suo carattere dolce e affettuoso. Ricordo con tenerezza che, ogni volta che tornava in Italia, non mancava mai di telefonare a noi cugini per incontrarci e trascorrere almeno una serata insieme e lo faceva con commuovente entusiasmo. Era veramente adorabile e la notizia della sua morte ha sconvolto tutti noi. Solo il conforto della fede ci da' la gioia e la consolazione di pensare che lassu' avra' ritrovato i suoi genitori, tante persone care e sicuramente tutto l'amore che merita. Ciao mancherai tanto.

Posted by: Carla Macchi - Pozzuolo, - December 5, 2020

Ciao Augie, sei stato un grande amico, buono, generoso, divertente! Mi hai riempita di attenzioni, sei stato tanto protettivo - quanto abbiamo riso insieme! Quante volte mi davi un abbraccio forte e mi dicevi "Lucy baby, mangia bella." Cosi' tanti ricordi divertenti - colpi in barca, la macchina ghiacciata, le sagre, e le cene - un abbraccio grosso Augie

Posted by: Lucia Morini - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

"Ciao darling" era il tuo buongiorno quando entravi da Oriani per un caffe' lungo...ti voglio ricordare cosi' con il tuo sorriso e quando mi cantavi Happy Birthday a Ferragosto - Ciao Augie, ci mancherai tanto.

Posted by: Mariavelia Oriani - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Vorrei farti le piu' sentite condoglianze. Non dimentichero' mai la gentilezza di Augie quando un pomeriggio di luglio, 21 anni fa', arrivammo accaldati ed emzionatissimi davanti ad ASTI. Ci accolse con eleganza, semplicemente fantastico. Fummo vostri ospiti e ci racconto' una storia italiana...di quelle belle. Melomani e buongustai trascorremmo ore indimenticabili. Un ricordo veramente speciale, ciao Augie.

Posted by: Elena Giorgi - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Un caro amico e compagno di tante avventure, ciao caro Augie.

Posted by: Marina Madeo - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Un caro amico di gioventu', quando l'estate era estate e non c'erano pensieri - e le gite, le corse in macchina, le tante avventure, riposa in pace Augie.

Posted by: Pamela Misuri - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Indimenticabili quelle estati a San Terenzo da ragazzini. Augie,vecchio compagno di giochi,buono e leale, riposa in pace.

Posted by: Claudio Ceretti - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Rimarranno sempre nella mia mente le estati passate assieme ,Ciao Augie.❤❤❤

Posted by: Tino Scarpellini - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Resterai per sempre un bel ricordo della mia gioventù'.

Posted by: Dario Freggia - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Ciao R.I.P. è stato bello averti conosciuto negli anni della nostra giovinezza spensierata, quando avevamo il mondo davanti a noi che ci aspettava.

Posted by: Giovanni Columba - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Ciao Augusto sono contenta di averti conosciuto, una bella persona e non dimenticherò mai le tenere attenzioni che avevi con mia figlia. Resterai per sempre un caro ricordo ❤

Posted by: Valeria Appiani - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Sarai per sempre nel mio cuore ❤

Posted by: Titti Belsanti - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

Ti ricorderò sempre caro Augie.

Posted by: Pinuccia Basadonne - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

I met Augie back when I started working in the coat room at the ASTI. Over the years, Augie and I had a really special relationship...we laughed and joked a lot - we could always tell each other exactly what we were thinking and tell each off too. I loved him and he loved me that's for sure. I'm so deeply sorry for all of you, he will always be remembered.

Posted by: Sandy Rennie - New York, NY - December 5, 2020

Un caro amico con cui abbiamo condiviso bellissimi momenti quando eravamo ragazzi, mancherai a tutti caro Augie.

Posted by: Tonino Colotto - Genova, - December 5, 2020

You left a great void Augie ...

Posted by: Pietro Colotto - Lerici, - December 5, 2020

San Terenzo perde un grande amico che rimarrà nel ❤ di tutti.R.i.p Augie

Posted by: Rosalia Pannocchia - San Terenzo, - December 5, 2020

My heart goes out to you and your family - such a very sad loss. I was lucky to have had the chance to reconnect with Augie just a couple of years ago -- and it was wonderful after so long. Our dear Augie will be much missed...

Posted by: Susan Schulman - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

So Sorry to hear the news. I hear him singing in Italian and loved him too. Never to be forgotten. RIP Augie

Posted by: Renne Tisa - , FL - December 6, 2020

I will miss Augie a lot, his phone calls used to brighten up my day! May all your memories bring you comfort. He will be missed by so many. Rest In Peace Augie

Posted by: Rosanna Sa - Massapequa, NY - December 6, 2020

I cannot believe that sweet Augie is no longer with us. He was a wonderful and loving friend and I thank him for introducing me to his whole incredible family. I send you lots of hugs. So sorry for your great loss ❤

Posted by: Susan Neves - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

I am so sorry to see this. He was always so kind to us when we would go to Asti. Sending love to your whole family.

Posted by: Bobbi Langer - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

He was larger than life! Forever in our hearts and the best memories. Love you Augie ❤

Posted by: Domitilla Masi - London, - December 6, 2020

Goodbye my dear friend
We will
Miss you so much
Our love to your family and friends❤❤❤❤❤❤

Posted by: Clery Ashley - London, - December 6, 2020

Giampaolo and I are really really really sorry...Augusto and all of you are in our prayers.... God will give strength to face this sad sad moment.... love you...❤❤

Posted by: Solange Lemos - Miami, FL - December 6, 2020

Mi dispiace tantissimo per questa triste notizia, mi piace ricordarlo a casa mia mentre cantava " ...dove vai farfallone amoroso..."

Posted by: Albertina Molinari - Imperia, - December 6, 2020

I remember him as quick to laugh. He was a kind man with a big heart. So sad.

Posted by: Susan Johnson Banta - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

Your entire family are in our hearts and prayers at this time! I was saddened to hear this news. Although distance had prevented Augie and I from seeing one another for many years my recollections of our past times always brings a smile to my face! He was the consummate host usually armed with anecdote and a hint of a smile that let you know he had your number! RIP dear Augie.

Posted by: Maurice Kerins - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

I'm sitting here and I'm crying, he was my father's other son and now they are together again. I hope he makes him do the pizza twice tonight my condolences to you and your family. I am truly heartbroken. <3

Posted by: John Pugliese - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

Augie il mio amico, mi dispiace tantissimo. Un abbraccio.

Posted by: Angela Raggio - Massa, - December 6, 2020

Sentite condoglianze, quante belle estati passate assieme con Augie.

Posted by: Gianna Pagano - San Terenzo, - December 6, 2020

Un caro amico , ancora un pezzo di giovinezza che se ne va. Un grandissimo abbraccio a tutti voi.

Posted by: Patrizia Lintura - San Terenzo, - December 6, 2020

Yes, we will miss Augie! Will never forget him singing for the crowd at Asti's...seems like a few lifetimes ago. Love to the family from Jane & Larry

Posted by: Jane Mincer - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

We'll miss you Augie! <3

Posted by: Pamela De Toledo - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

Augusto will be missed for sure!

Posted by: Jonathan Rapp - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

OMG -this is such sad news. He was the nicest guy!

Posted by: CeCe Levy - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

That is just terrible:( RIP dear Augie

Posted by: Gina Williams - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

Terrible very sad... hugs to everyone.

Posted by: Jim Kane - New York, NY - December 6, 2020

I was heartbroken to learn about your brother. Good grief! It must have been quite a shock & so sudden for your family, cause I know how close all of you are. Your family has my sincerest condolences, our entire class, I might add! ❤

Posted by: Karen Spero Albers - , WA - December 6, 2020

Generoso, sicuramente mai banale, genio e sregolatezza..questo era ed è Augie! Mancherà a tutti noi..spero solo sia già a fare ridere la sua Pimpi❤

Posted by: Silvia Margaria - Parma, - December 6, 2020

Mi dispiace veramente tanto quando veniva a San Terenzo veniva sempre a mangiare da noi con il suo cane e parlavamo sempre.
Scherzavamo e ridevamo
Condoglianze a tutta la famiglia da noi ❤

Posted by: Tiziano Battaglini - San Terenzo, - December 6, 2020

Ciao Amico Augie <3

Posted by: Riccardo Buonvicini - San Terenzo, - December 6, 2020

La mia giovinezza, il ricordo di Santerenzo che ogni estate aspettava l'arrivo dei Mariani, sempre al centro della vitalità paesana....Il nostro mondo si sta sgretolando. Ciao, caro "Oghi". Non ci posso ancora credere.

Posted by: Andrea Loffredo - San Terenzo, - December 6, 2020

I heard about Augie and I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a great guy. I will always remember him fondly. RIP dear Augie.

Posted by: Dorothy Bishop - New York, NY - December 7, 2020

Augie was a real honest guy who worked hard and really cared about his buildings and family. May he Rest In Peace. It was a privilege to know him for the time I spent with him!

Posted by: Brian Weisman - New York, NY - December 7, 2020

I want to express my deepest condolences to the whole family on Augie's untimely passing. Jamie, the kids and I will miss him very much. He could be tough at times but he was a great man. We spoke occasionally to check up on each other, to hear how we were doing. Sending my prayers to you all.

Posted by: Timothy Rowell Jr. - , PA - December 7, 2020

You were all so instrumental and a such an important part of my life during that decade.
Augie was so kind when I was sick with pneumonia, and you gave us a beautiful dinner for Damien's Graduation. I am so grateful to have so many wonderful memories of all of you. For me, Augie gave me an opportunity to sing almost every night at the Asti Songs we all love.

Posted by: Mark Jackson - Taos, NM - December 7, 2020

Un immenso dolore, una cicatrice indelebile, un Amico grande.

Posted by: Lamberto Maccari - San Terenzo, - December 7, 2020

My deepest condolences to your whole family. I reminisce often about my ASTI days and Augie. Not too long ago (before Covid), Denise and I stopped into the Strip House for a drink and were talking about Augie with the bartender. ASTI was a special place and a lot of raucous fun. Augie will be missed.

Posted by: John Klemek - Ringwood, NJ - December 7, 2020

Mi ha sempre fatto sognare il vostro fratellino con le storie mirabolanti...un abbraccio di cuore.

Posted by: Malcolm Bilotta - San Terenzo, - December 7, 2020

Non ho parole.....un abbraccione da parte mia e della Isa. Siamo veramente molto tristi.

Posted by: Giuliano Bizzari - San Terenzo, - December 7, 2020

Siamo veramente dispiaciuti per la scomparsa prematura di Augusto, sentite condoglianze da tutta la mia famiglia

Posted by: Tony Urrico - San Terenzo, - December 8, 2020

Riposa in pace mitico Augie <3

Posted by: Marta Medicina - San Terenzo, - December 8, 2020

Un caro amico e compagno di tante avventure ciao Augie ♥♥♥♥

Posted by: Marina Madeo - San Terenzo, - December 8, 2020

Il mitico Augie ❤. un abbraccio forte a tutti voi

Posted by: Anna Chiara Colombo - Rome, - December 8, 2020

Ciao Augusto, ❤ un abbraccio!

Posted by: Ina Botti - San Terenzo, - December 8, 2020

Tanti cari ricordi di Augie <3

Posted by: Nilla Delpunta - San Terenzo, NY - December 8, 2020

Ciao Augie fai buon viaggio.

Posted by: Riccardo Ciacchini - San Terenzo, NY - December 8, 2020

Un bellissimo ricordo per sempre, RIP caro Augie <3

Posted by: Sandro Maiocchi - San Terenzo, - December 8, 2020

Abbiamo visto le fotografie e siamo rimasti interdetti . In un primo momento non abbiamo capito la tragedia che vi ha colpito . Riposa in pace caro Augusto.

Posted by: Maria Grazia Coli - San Terenzo, - December 8, 2020

We may have only known each other for a year, but that year will forever be in my heart. Augie had an amazing love and knowledge for the business. Always sharp, witty, funny, the best dog owner to Noelle (where's my boy?!), and so very kind. I will forever miss our sidewalk beers (always PBR) and listening to your stories (especially during this pandemic). Augie was so proud to carry on the legacy and share stories from years passed. I will always make sure the vestibule chandelier bulbs are lit, there are no chairs in the hall, and I will find the special red bulbs that go outside. You are so deeply missed. Thank you for everything Augie. Love and hugs to the whole family.

Posted by: Julianne Bond - Roselle Park, NJ - December 11, 2020

Thank you for the opportunity to tell your family how much Augie has meant to me. Augie had become a good friend over my 26 years of knowing him. He always had snappy informative quips about the goings on in the neighborhood or a topic in the news or even just his dog or another that may be walking by on his way. He loved his family and dogs, his quick sharp wit always made him a favorite amongst all of us in the neighborhood and I was immediately saddened when I heard of his untimely passing. During this long seemingly unending time of immense grief, the loss of a good friend like Augie makes this winter a little colder and the dark days a little longer. It is with heavy heart that I can cling to fond memories of walking with Augie and giving thanks that I was able to enjoy his presence with his wry smile and snappy one liners. It is not possible for me to imagine how much he will be missed by all of you, we will all miss Augie, a kind, generous and thoughtful soul.

Posted by: Paul Leonard - New York, NY - December 12, 2020

I was so sorry to hear about Augie's passing. He was a true New Yorker in the best of ways. A character almost larger than life. Honest, funny and always a true gentleman. He will be surely missed.

Posted by: Mark Linde - New York, NY - December 16, 2020

Zio Augie, what can I say? You and I always had a very special bond and connected in more ways than one. You were there for me when I was at my lowest. Life wasn't easy for you, but you always persevered and loved us more than life itself. I'll always have my own struggles, but I'll be sure to keep you in mind as a role model. I know you don't believe in these things, but I know you are in a better place and at peace. Rest easy. I love you.

Posted by: Josh Giacche' - New York, NY - December 16, 2020

I love you so much Zio Augie. I hope you know that even though we sometimes didn’t agree on political matters or certain views on life, we all respected you and valued your opinion so much. You made every dinner more special with your
stories, quirky laugh, and generosity. You taught us what it means to care for your family and work incredibly hard for the
things you’re most passionate about in life. I'll never forget one of the last dinners we had, you kept telling me how you thought I looked like Nonno Adolfo — I'll cherish that memory forever. Both New York City and San Terenzo are less bright without you and we'll do everything possible to honor your legacy forever

Posted by: Vienna Giacche - New York, NY - December 16, 2020

As Augie's pharmacist, I had the good fortune of speaking to him regularly and seeing him almost everyday when he took Noelle for a walk. Over the years we bonded over our mutual love of family and came to appreciate each other's dry sense of humor. I can't help but smile when I think of his infectious chuckle/ laugh. He became an integral part of my work family and I will miss him immensely.

Posted by: Urvi Teli - New York, NY - December 17, 2020

What can I not say about Augie. For one, I just loved him for his enduring love of singers and how he treated his staff with such great respect and how he reviled on their vocal ability. He was an encyclopedia of musical knowledge. He grew up in the restaurant business and his father created the world renowned ASTI restaurant and for seventy-five years it was the toast of NY. It was a special place and as a singer you were made to feel you were at the top of the world. You never wanted it to end. Like everything else it had its time. I'm so glad I got to have many evenings of performances there. I will miss Augie very much, he is gone but not forgotten. My heart out to the whole family.

Posted by: Ron Toglia - New York, NY - December 16, 2020

I'm still hurting. Augie was my pain in the neck client, best buddy, sometimes his psychiatrist and most times just someone to talk to. We started out in the Asti with Cenzio and Vienna (the original). Those monthly visits were the most fun of any visits to any client in my entire life. How I miss those days of Augie in his best days of singing and running the restaurant. He refused to change the restaurant even when it was struggling because it was all about honoring his father's legacy. That was all that ever mattered to him. Family is all that ever mattered even if it took a sinuous route sometimes.

We joked in my office that we no longer need the telephones. Augie kept them lit up! I will never have another friend with as much wit, intelligence, generosity, compassion and love as my buddy Augie. I was on the phone with the family when he died suddenly and I shared the grief with all of you that moment. I will never forget that.

Augie was a true New York City original. The City just won't be the same without him. My deepest condolences to the entire family and extended family. No of us escaped being affected by him as his personality was infectious.

God bless you and keep you Augie. And may the light of God's face shine on you forever. See you again my friend where there isn't any pain or suffering.

Oh wait, is that Augie on the phone? Tell him I'll call him back..... I miss you my friend, more than you know.

Ci vediamo presto amico mio. Con tanto amore.


Posted by: Robert Messa - Rhinebeck, NY - January 4, 2021

Ho tanti cari ricordi di te e quando ero bambina mi piacevano i tuoi racconti..sei una persona buona e si vedeva nei tuoi occhi...ciao Augusto, salutami la "Zia Baby".

Posted by: Virginia Ceretti - San Terenzo, - January 9, 2021

Al cugino, all'amico ed al fratello che non ho mai avuto.
Ciao baby, come mi chiamavi tu, sarai con me per sempre.

Posted by: Elena Barenco - San Terenzo, - January 12, 2021

Zio Augie, you will always be one of the most memorable people I've ever met in my life.. pretty much everyone you've ever met has some hilarious or unbelievable story with you and you'll continue to live on through them. I'm going to miss bumping into you all the time on University Place, and you better believe I'll think of you every single time I walk past the Reservoir. I always knew you were there for each and every one of us in your own special way. Love you Zio Augie, you will be missed more than you know.

Posted by: Oreste Giacche' - New York, NY - January 12, 2021

Greg and I were so so sorry to hear about Augie, he always made us feel like actual New Yorkers, as this was our first real place in the city. And yet, there is a connection to our family roots; we have Mariani's on our side. What a wonderful man, we feel so lucky to have known him.

Posted by: Sally Demo - New York, NY - January 12, 2021

Augie, for lots of people he was "crazy Augie" but not for us, he was Augie - sometimes a little too much? Yes! But I never met a person in my life who was so real, so genuine, so romantic. Always ready to do everything to make his family and friends happy. The world, our world will miss you. Hope you're driving your FIAT 2500 right now.

Posted by: Gianni Giacche' - New York, NY - January 13, 2021

I will still instinctively look for you whenever I walk down 12th street or past the Reservoir. From the first time Jennifer introduced us, you were nothing but kind and generous to me. I will always remember leaving the Strip House uncomfortably full because you called and ordered us a mountain of extra sides and desserts.
I will do my best to take your place bothering Tilde with politics, although no one could do it like you.
You are missed Augie. Rest in peace.

Posted by: Steve Hurley - New York, NY - January 13, 2021

Such a wonderful person, a big personality and big heart. May his memory provide comfort to the wonderful Mariani family.

Posted by: Liz Taylor - Chicago, IL - January 13, 2021

Ti portero' sempre nel mio cuore caro Augusto.

Posted by: Patrizia Macchi - Pozzuolo, - January 13, 2021

I didn’t spend as much time with you as the others here, but I know that few could rival your honesty and compassion. I know this because of the way your family and friends speak about you, the way everyone smiles when they hear mention of your name. You lived to the fullest and for the things you were most passionate about—your home, your pets, and, most of all, your family. I look forward to the day we can all toast to you in The Reservoir. We miss you, Augie. Rest easy.

Posted by: Pieter Keushkerian - , - January 14, 2021

I was very sorry to hear about the sudden passing of Augie. My heart is with your entire family at this time and I'm always here for all of you in any way I can be. I spent brief time with Zio Augie, but in that time I'm happy to have known him for the legend that he was. May he rest in peace for eternity.

Posted by: Nate Morrison - New York, RI - January 15, 2021

Carissimo Augie, ti ho conosciuto nel tuo bar preferito...sono stata la parrucchiera della tua bellissima mamma, una donna di classe...poi ho conosciuto i tuoi fratelli e infine te, che della famiglia eri il piu' pazzo e questo ti rendeva hai tirato proprio un brutto scherzo, la notizia sembra ancora adesso non vera...ti ricordero' sempre con affetto, la tua barista estiva.

Posted by: Barbara Brocchini - San Terenzo, - January 15, 2021

I met Augusto in Italy, San Terenzo! I was on vacation with my mam and two dogs! We all spent a great time that summer, we traveled a lot! Augusto showed us many wonderful places, we had very nice and interesting time! After he came to us to Saint-Petersburg! And again it was so great to be with him! He was a real dog lover! We had a lot of fun with him! Then I came to him to NYC! For me it was the first time and Augusto did all his best to make my visit unusual and unforgettable! He was very kind and generous person! I am really happy and lucky that I met Augusto in my life!

Posted by: Ekaterina Kuzmina - Saint-Petersburg, OK - January 15, 2021

Dear Augue,
Thank you for always making me feel like family in your wonderful restaurant. Visiting my brother Vito in New York was a highlight of my life. It was so good to get to know you, we had so much fun together. I will never forget you. I can still hear you singing and laughing. I still see your smile.

Posted by: Chrissy CPL - , - January 16, 2021

Caro cuginone Augie, fisicamente non sei piu' con noi ma nel mio cuore c'e' un posto per te e ci resterai per sempre, vivo piu' che mai!

Posted by: Romolo Macchi - Pozzuolo, - January 18, 2021

Zio Augie was your birthday a few days ago and I cannot fully grasp you are no longer with us. It happened so suddenly, it still seems so surreal.
We hadn't seen each other very often ever since I moved back to Italy, and now I am so sorry for all the good times we missed. I always took the people I love for granted, thinking they would always be there, so I can see them another time. That's what happened the last time I was in NY, I was so busy with work that we missed each other. You have no idea how much I regret it now. When on October 21st my dad came over to deliver the news...BOOM! It was as if a nuclear bomb exploded in my heart, and I am still in shock. Unfortunately it's too late for us now, but I promise you I will have make that same mistake again.
Although we hadn't spent that much time together the past few years, I will never forget all the love, help and affection you showed me when I first moved to NY. I was just a frazzled 18 year old girl who had no idea where she was and how to adjust. You took me under your "wing" and introduced me to everybody in the neighborhood as your "beautiful Italian niece" and did everything you could to show me a good time. You were always there for me to talk and enjoy a few drinks at the Reservoir, where by the way I ended up spending more time than in my dorm haha. I still remember when you organized a surprise birthday party for me there on the night before my 21st birthday, to make sure you would be the one buying me my "first legal drink" as soon as the clock struck midnight! To this day it is still one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me and I will never forget it.
I wish I could buy you a drink now and celebrate your birthday together, but I can't. I'm sure thought that wherever you are, you are having a good time!
I love you Zio Augie, you will always be in my heart.

Posted by: Gaia Mariani - Rome, - January 18, 2021

I was so sorry to hear about Augie. He was a great man and I will miss him always. I'm thinking of you all and have you in my prayers.

Posted by: Tyler Dobert - , PA - January 19, 2021
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