Obituary of Greta Flaum

September 28, 2021

Greta Flaum passed away on September 28 at 88 years of age. She is survived by children Stephen, Russ, and Larry; her grandchildren Sheila, David, Samantha, and Elischka; great-grandchild Patrick.
She loved to write and rewrite, especially about her flight from Nazi Austria. Greta was 6 years old when her older brother Karl led her by the hand on the Trans-Siberian railway and by freighter from Sweden to the U.S. so that Greta and he could reunite with their parents in Brooklyn. Greta remained close with Karl and his wife Cynthia. Karl passed away earlier this year.
Greta enjoyed verbal battles promoting Buddhist concepts and anti-medical establishment theories. She was style-conscious and worked out vigorously for hours daily maintaining a slender figure. Her second husband Herbert passed away more than a decade before her. She also maintained good relations with her former husband Don and his wife Diane. They, with other members of her blended family, including Dr. John Benfield, took care of her and stayed in touch in multiple e-mails about her welfare to each other during her final days with us.

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