Obituary of Michael Graham Bloom

April 12, 2023

Michael Graham Bloom, 30, passed away on Wednesday, April 12, 2023. He grew up in Falmouth Maine. Michael attended the Falmouth schools and the Phillips Academy. He then attended Lafayette College, where he played Division 1 soccer and met the love of his life, Madeleine. Together they graduated in 2016 and married in 2021. Michael worked in Manhattan in Investment Banking at RBC, having previously worked in Corporate Banking at Citi. Michael enjoyed fly fishing, wakeboarding, frisbee-throwing, hiking, diving off high rocks, playing tennis, bicycle riding, watching the Premier League and Formula 1, playing in his bowling and soccer leagues, whitewater kayaking, and snowboarding. He could skip a rock impressively far, make a mean ragu, build a beautiful campfire, and ignite infectious laughter. He was known for being incredibly thoughtful, generous, patient, and loyal. Michael would be the first to lend a hand, was an adoring uncle, and was a spark of joy amongst his many friends. Michael's fun-spirited personality and smile so genuine you could see it in his eyes will be remembered fondly by all. Michael is survived by his wife, Madeleine Bloom; parents, Barri and George Bloom; brother, Josh Bloom; maternal grandmother, Corinne Futterman, mother and father in law, Eileen and William Hart, brother and sisters in-law, Catalina Bloom, Julia and Josh Zilke, Caroline Hart and Molly Hart. He especially loved his nieces Minerva, Natalie, Evelyn, and Claire, and nephew Martin. Michael also loved his large extended Bloom and Hart family members - too many to mention.

In lieu of sending flowers, please consider helping give underprivileged children the opportunity to play Michael's favorite sport. It made Michael happy to send soccer equipment to children in Haiti every Christmas, so we hope to keep his legacy alive by continuing to support underprivileged youth soccer in his name. Donations can be made here: We hope to be able to expand this endeavor into the Michael G. Bloom Foundation in the coming months.

The Funeral Mass will be live-streamed for those who are unable to attend in person. The link is:

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April 16, 2023

3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

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April 17, 2023

10:00 AM

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church

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April 17, 2023

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Some Memories of Michael I first met Michael 10 years ago, in 2013, when I visited Madeleine at Lafayette. As we were falling asleep in her dorm room, I asked if she thought they would end up getting married. I forget her response, but I do remember she was grinning when she talked about him. When Mike started coming to our family vacations at the Jersey Shore and other holidays, at first, I thought he was too quiet. But I pestered him with questions and he answered all of them quite seriously and thoughtfully. It became obvious to me how much he loved Madeleine and vice versa. Plus, Papa adored him, and thank god for that because if he didn’t, you would hear about it. When Papa does love someone, you hear about that too, and we routinely did hear what a bright, kind, and capable man Michael was. What really sealed the deal for me was that Mike was always helping out in the kitchen. He was a great cook. After Papa had his teeth removed, Mike made him a Thai chicken curry dish (no chewing necessary), and put containers of it in Papa's freezer. Once I got a taste of that I traded Papa my McChicken for his curry and I devoured it. And when it was mostly aunts cleaning up after dinner, there would be Mike beside them, washing dishes. He proved that men can quietly clean up, without being asked, and still return to having a beer on the deck. So, he passed my tests. One memory that stands out as an example of how caring Mike was, and what a good match he was for Madeleine, is from Maddy's bridal shower. Specifically, the pre-shower preparation. The Harts were all setting up the tables and decorations in the backyard, and Maddy was inside the kitchen, watching through the windows. It was out of her comfort zone to be away from the action, to not be allowed to help. Sensing this, Michael put down whatever he was carrying, came over to her side, gave her a big hug, and gently proposed, “Why don’t we go for a walk?” I think Caroline or Julia had suggested the same thing earlier, but this time Maddy agreed. She returned with Mike, in much better spirits, smiling and calm. The rest of that day Michael was mostly behind the scenes, again helping to clean up, except for when he came to open the gifts with Maddy. I was surprised at how genuinely excited and grateful he seemed for each gift, more than I would expect one could be excited about a plant stand or a cooking bowl. I noticed a similar excitement in him this past Christmas, during our O’Malley family white elephant gift exchange. In the version we play, when it’s your turn you can either pick a new gift from the pile or steal one from someone else who already opened theirs. The prized possession this year was a pair of bright yellow water-proof overall pants, size XXL, and a matching yellow rain jacket with “Edison Electric” painted on the back, which I found in Papa’s basement on Christmas eve. I think Kyle opened the box first, but when it came to Michael’s turn, he immediately chose the yellow Edison outfit. He tried them on right there on top of his clothes and was rattling off all the different ways he could use them – "for fly fishing!...and snowboarding!” We were all cracking up, and I knew they went to the right person. I had no doubt he would actually use them for all those things. Playing chess with Michael is one of my favorite memories together. I love chess, and I sometimes have a hard time finding people in our family willing to play with me, but Michael was. The first time we played he said he hadn’t played in years, but that day, St. Patty's 2022, he sat with me outside in Papa's backyard, and we must have played for over an hour. The sun set, and Ava held up her phone flashlight so we could see the board. I remember it was so engaging, our two ADHD brains hyper-focused on the game. When people came by and asked who was winning, he said “She is”, even when he had a better position or was up a piece. Ultimately, he beat me, but it was so tactful and fun that he made me feel as if I had won too. I love you, Michael. You were taken far too soon – it makes no sense. I’m so grateful for the chance to have known you and to call you family. I hope you are at peace. Love, Isabel

Posted by: Isabel O\'Malley - Washington, DC - Family April 15, 2023

I first met Michael when he was 18 months old and I was meeting Jay's family for the first time. He was a very happy baby with a mischievous smile. I have so many fond memories of him, but there is one story that his Mom, Barri, shared that has always stayed with me, as it showed the lengths Michael would go to for something he wanted. When he was around 2 he was in the laundry room of the house in Maine. There was an iron on a shelf above the washing machine that he could not reach. He took 2 packages of Pampers, and used them as a step stool. He was able to climb onto the washing machine, grab the iron, bring it down and plug it in. He then set about ironing the Oriental rug! A few minutes later he went to the kitchen to find his Mom and said, "Mommy, hot." Barri, of course followed him to find out what was hot, and found that he had ironed a hole in the Oriental rug! It was amazing to me that a 2 year old was able to plan out the steps necessary to do this, and yes, he ruined the rug, but he was fine! He was a wonderful cousin to my boys. We always loved visiting Maine and attending his games. When he payed soccer for Lafayette, and had a game on Long Island, we would always attend. There is no way to describe what a loss this is. We love him and always will!

Posted by: Susan Futterman - Merrick, NY - Family April 15, 2023

I'll remember Michael as a kind, authentic, down to earth guy. I was very happy to have him join the O'Malley clan, and he was always a reliably good time at family events and reunions. I loved sharing a beer with him in Woodlawn at Papa's or playing a game of cornhole in Lawrenceville at the Harts. He will live on as a Maine fishing legend in our family, as he once sent my dad or brother the coordinates to a couple tucked away fishing holes on the Kennebunk River in Rangeley. For the past four or so years, we always plan to go to the mythical "Mike Bloom's spot" and try our hand at the salmon and trout there. I'm not convinced I've made it to the exact spot yet, but I plan to keep trying and thinking of him when I do. Whenever I told him about my incessant failures to catch a salmon in Maine, he would suggest he take me there himself and promised I'd catch ten. Seeing Mike in Woodlawn at Papa's house is such a fond memory of him. I always appreciated how much he cared for Papa, how much Papa cared for him, and how much they bonded over a shared appreciation of a Budweiser around a table of family and stories. I'll never forget the amazing meals Mike cooked for us there, salmon, lamb, and much more. He was such a kind-hearted laid back guy. I'll also remember him as such a loving uncle. The way his eyes would light up when he would talk about playing with Natalie and Evelyn. And they loved him dearly also. Once, friends and I crashed Madeleine's bridal shower in Lawrenceville as we were on a bike trip from DC to Rhode Island. We were staying over at the Harts that night, and needed a place to stay the following night. I was explaining to him and others that we'd be getting a hotel in Manhattan. He immediately offered that my friends and I just sleep at his apartment instead, to which I thought maybe he was just being nice. But he insisted it was alright, so we accepted his keys and his extreme generosity, and were very blessed to have access to a beautiful apartment in Tribeca thanks to Mike. I'll always remember Mike as such a sweet guy, and such a wonderful husband for my cousin Madeleine. It was such a treat to ride back on the train with him and Madeleine on the day after their wedding, hearing his excitement about their upcoming adventure backpacking along the coasts and mountains of Hawaii. Mike was taken too soon, his kindness, warmth, generosity, easy laugh, and adventurousness will be greatly missed.

Posted by: Paul Brennan - Newark, NJ - Friend April 18, 2023

Thank you Michael. Madeleine has been sharing many little stories of how you showed your love for her on a daily basis during your time together on earth. I am eternally grateful for the gift that you are to her. Maddy did a great job sharing some of those stories and expressing her love for you at the wake on Sunday. I know you are proud of her as we are. We love you.

Posted by: Bill Hart - Lawrenceville, New Jersey - Family April 19, 2023

No surprises that Michael grew to be the man he became. I loved him as a high school student. We were fortunate to have a little piece of him during his time. Love ya kid. Jack Hardy

Posted by: Jack Hardy - Falmouth, ME - Friend May 1, 2023

I was Joshuas and Michaels first au-pair, january 1993 to febuary 1994. We spent the weekdays together in their house in Cape Neddick, Maine. It didn’t take long for me to feel part of the Bloom family. George and Barri, Joshua, Michael and Corky made me feel at home. It also didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the Bloom brothers. Beautiful and fun little boys. We did everything togheter during that year. Michael, was just two months old when I first came. I didn’t have so much experience with so small babies but I learned. Joshua was a great helper. He told me and showed me what Michael needed and wanted. He really looked out for his little brother. Of course the parents also told me and showed me how to take care of Michael. Michael grew and learned how to eat real food. Michael loved food. He was the easiest baby to feed. He loved boiled potatos. I see Michael sitting in a stroller and Joshua sitting on a bench beside the soccer field when I played soccer in a summer leauge in York. It wasn’t hard to bring Michael and Joshua anywhere. They were my best friends and companions. Where I went they followed and of course the other way around. The brothers made big success and all the girls on the team helped me to look after the boys when it was my turn to play. Food and soccer, two intrests that followed Michael through his life. I didn’t know Michael as an adult but I knew him as a baby. He was a beautiful baby boy and I cheerised my time with him. I loved him and I still do. He and his brother has a special place in my heart. Love and the warmest thoughts to all you who where close to Michael. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. ??Anna from Sweden

Posted by: Anna Gustafsson - Stenstorp, Sweden - Friend May 6, 2023
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