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Hector “Watusi” Vigo

Obituary of Hector “Watusi” Vigo

February 15, 2023

Hector M. Vigo born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico on October 6, 1940 and entered into eternal  rest on February 15, 2023.  He was surrounded by his family. Hector has been a long-time resident of The Lower East Side better known as Watusi.  He enjoyed his salsa and oldies music, gardening and his cars. Hector is survived by his loving wife, children,  grandchildren, great grandchildren, brother, niece and nephews.

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February 20, 2023

3:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Greenwich Village Funeral Home

199 Bleecker St.

New York City, NY 10012

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February 21, 2023


St. Brigid Roman Catholic Church

119 Avenue B

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The Evergreens Cemetery

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When I was younger my grandfather used to come home to eat every day at 2 pm. My grandmother would have his food ready for him on the kitchen table and I used to run to the table so that I could sit on his lap and eat with him. My favorite memory of him will eating with him and him sharing his food with me.

Posted by: Mariah Martinez - , - Grandchild February 17, 2023

I will always remember our trips to Great Adventure and how people always thought we (Eric & I) were your kids too. The times I'd eat dinner at your home and you had a rule that no one could leave the table til all your food was gone, including the avocado. Thanks Elliot, for eating mine. I hate avocado. My trips to NY, you and Titi Cuchi are always my first stop, you at the corner store, where you'd yell, "How you doin' baby?" And Titi Cuchi out the window. Love you Tio Hector. All your cars will shine bright in heaven!

Posted by: Mildred Rivera-Carrillo - Creedmoor , NC - Family February 17, 2023

To my Papi, Bendicion was my first word to you along with a kiss to greet you because that was one of your rules. So many memories. I remember laying on your lap and you playing with my ears to fall asleep. Watching the Yankee games. Going to movie theatre every Friday night. You were always smiling and loved your milk like I do. You gave me my first set of keys to house behind mami's back;). I remember playing in front of the building when you were outside and I had to go up when you went up. You used to pick me up from JHS everyday and I was the only one getting picked up. I remember being lifted up in the air and hanging me by my collar on coat hook. Lol. I will miss you and am comforted by knowing you are now resting. We will take care of Mami and make sure she is okay. Hope your in Heaven with Cynthia, Your Mom, Tiba, Titi Aurea. Xoxo Your baby aka your favorite;) LOVE YOU Jasmine

Posted by: Jasmine Vigo - New York, NY - Daughter February 20, 2023

I remember arm wrestling with you and you always won. I remember you yelling at me to put my slippers on when I was walking barefoot in the apartment. I also remember when I gave you kisses your mustache would make me itchy. :) Love you Grandpa. I decided on keeping the blue squishy toy as a memory of you.

Posted by: Jax Vigo - New York, NY - Grandchild February 20, 2023

Hector had this huge tank with different fish swimming around. He would spend so much time taking care of them. I was so fascinated by all his hard work and passion. When I would visit I would immediately run over to the tank. Hector would come over to say hi and start feeding them just so I could watch the fish get all excited and swim around. I could see how happy his fish made him. Little did he know that it was during these small moments that I felt the most connected to him.

Posted by: Sirah Javier - Glendale, AZ - Family February 20, 2023

I remember going to City Island and I would share my lobster with you. You were always very happy eating seafood;). I remember when you would visit our home you enjoyed sitting on porch with Natty listening to music. I remember when I visited you we always went to the Bodega to say hi to you before we went upstairs and you would find me parking if I couldn't find parking. You would always greet me with Hi Beautiful, did you bring me anything? :) Love You Ingrid

Posted by: Ingrid Santos - Chester, NY - Family February 20, 2023

Every time my sisters and I would visit Hector and Natti when we were little, Hector would always bring us back bags of Spongebob Squarepants Gummy Krabby Patties from the bodega. He would get our attention exclaiming, "Hey!" and we would all look up awaiting our expected and much appreciated bag of candy. As he handed the bag to one of us, we all divided up to loot. And although to others that candy might not mean much, Hector surely knew the value of it in child currency terms.

Posted by: Jady Javier - Chester, New York - Grandchild February 20, 2023

A great smile and laugh. His greeting " Que Pasa Baby" He had a nick name for me "Brillo" when I was born I had a full head of curly hair, I guess I looked like a brillo pad to him LOL. He's Godfather to my son Franky. May you sleep in eternal sleep. Your niece Wanda

Posted by: Wanda Fonseca - Bushkill , PA - Family February 20, 2023

If you knew Hector you would know about his classis cars. The Cadillac and Lincoln, he was very proud of them. When my family visited NY you would always find him at the corner store. Hector thank you for baptizing my son. Until we meet again RIP Frank Fonseca Sr

Posted by: Francisco Fonseca - Bushkill , PA - Family February 20, 2023

My fondest memories include talking about Hector's fish, having a love for cheesecake and sharing hearty laughs. I will miss Hector dearly and feel blessed to have known him.

Posted by: Jarildy Javier - Chester, NY - Friend February 23, 2023

Papi I will miss you. Thank you for always being there for us. Thank you for always celebrating all the holidays Valentines, Easter etc… You loved us and we went everywhere as a family. I love you. ???????

Posted by: Yvette Vigo-Martinez - New York, NY - Daughter March 2, 2023

My husband of 63years. We met at my fathers bodega. Our favorite song was In the Still of The Night.We traveled the world together and our favorite was Hawaii. We had 5 kids together. I hope you are reunited with our first born daughter Cynthia. Till we meet again. Xoxo Give Tiba and Aurea a kiss from me.

Posted by: Natty Vigo - New York, NY - Spouse March 2, 2023

May you rest in peace in eternal life. I will miss you dearly and looking forward to see you again. To a great father, provider and a person who loved sincerely and whole heartedly.?

Posted by: Rebecca Maldonado - Cold Spring, New York - Daughter March 2, 2023

Papi, I remember as a kid going to the movies with you every Sunday and trying to catch up to you as you were a fast walker, lol. You were a great dad who provided us with love, support and great memories. Your incredible life values that you’ve instilled in me made me the man I am today and for that I am thankful. I love you and you will forever be in my heart. Your only son Elliot ??

Posted by: Elliot Vigo - New York, NY - Son March 8, 2023

I will always remember the times in elementary school when I would get excited seeing grandpas van pulling up to pick me up from school. I knew it meant he was going to take me to his store to get anything I wanted. Thank you for always being there and always being able to make me laugh. RIP xoxo

Posted by: Nick Martinez - New York, NY - Grandchild March 9, 2023

Grandpa, although you are no longer with us, you will forever be in my heart. You were always there for me to listen, support and care every step of the way. From the little memories to buying me a pack of gum and malta at the corner store, moving my car for alternate parking, going to restaurants every Mother's Day or celebrating my successes like graduation. I will miss your unique life lessons shown through your love, strength and hard work and going into your bedroom to help you pack your loose change into money rollers. Your memories I will continue to cherish in my heart and promise to continue to love, support and protect our family with the values you taught me.

Posted by: Nicole Martinez - New York, New York - Grandchild March 27, 2023
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