Obituary of Fern R. Lopez

November 8, 2022

We are devastated to announce the passing of Fern R. Lopez on November 8, 2022.  Fern was the most intelligent, creative, and fun person, and the kind of man who everyone loved and celebrated.

He was an amazing man who led an extraordinary life; as a musician, composer, conductor, director, filmmaker, photographer, writer, technologist, and mathematician.  Fern explored the world enjoying the best food, wine, and cocktails that could be found. Fern made this world brighter with his quick wit, smile, style, and a great laugh. Fern proudly graduated from Cornell University.

The beloved son of Lina Lopez and the late P.A. Lopez, Fern was the most loving partner of Lynn Lorenc for the past 28 years. Fern is survived by his sisters Marisela Lopez, M.D., and Tania Lopez and his brother John B. Lopez. Fern was loved by all his nieces and nephews and the entire Lorenc family.

A gathering will be held at Greenwich Village Funeral Home, 199 Bleecker Street, New York, New York 10012 on November 12, 2022, from 3pm to 7pm. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Wounded Warrior Project, one of Fern’s favorite charities for veterans.

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November 12, 2022

3:00pm to 7:00pm

Greenwich Village Funeral Home

199 Bleecker Street

New York, New York 10012

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I am so sad to hear of Fern’s passing. He was one of my greatest friends at Miami High and though we lost contact after college, I remember him dearly. My condolences to his family and friends.

Posted by: Nellie Abascal Thomas - Martin , GA - Friend November 10, 2022

Fern and I first met during our first jobs in nyc in the early 90’sWe became fast friends. We recorded songs together and talk about music technology often. Poker nights are a fond memory as well. We worked together on and off for years after that at several different companies. A Brilliant and multi-talented man. I just texted him asking if he wanted to accompany me to see Allen Flusser for a some custom clothes which he loved.

Posted by: Scott Burton - Little silver , New Jersey - Friend November 10, 2022

We have all lost an irreplaceable human. Fern is larger than life and will leaves a huge hole in all our lives. Fern was my partner in Art and Theater. We made each other better artists, he was an incredible Director in Theater and Film. He knew the canon, he knew about and got the meaning of life - and the meaning of comedy. We shared the same vision for what our plays and productions meant and what we put on that stage. Many of you came to our productions - Fern’s heart and soul and vision and creativity was on that stage. And skill. If the world was a better place he’d be a Broadway director with a Tony or two. The Lunch was our first production. He made it funny and funnier. He found the funny and accentuated it. He created moments that made the audience gasp “oh my God!” Like when two characters changed roles in the play - and their costumes front and center. He set designed the show to show off the actors and the production. He made it a madcap romp “fast is funny!” Everyone fufilled the vision he inspired. His staging was fast and furious and hilarious. Prime Time was a complicated piece of theater. Fern inspired the actors, including Jack Mulcahy - who Fern loved -to embody their roles and he directed the whole cast with attention to detail that brought out the intention of the piece. We also had a moment in that play that made the audience gasp out loud. Staging that moment was a huge problem and a technical challenge and he succeeded. Then, for this play, there’s the story of Fern bringing prop guns in a large case to Lehman - after 9/11 -and having the security guard ask him “do you have guns in that case?” And he answered “as a matter of fact, I do.” And the guard laughed and waved him through. We loved that story. Friction. I think Friction was our best production. Friction had style and I got to see my best play produced and directed by a master. The language was complex and rapid and dense and he had the actors understanding what they were saying - the meaning beneath the words. The set was stylish. He choreographed Robert Maisonette’s performance. He Choreographed Leanne Barrineau’s scenes to make each moment a picture. He was rightly proud of that scene - it was beautiful and painful and shocking in all the right ways. Jack Mulcahy and Fern worked together to create his character within a week when Fern decisively let the actor who’d been previously cast go - (for good reason) Jack came in and Fern, in less than a week, had Jack providing the exact amount of pathos and comedy needed for the part. Fern directed readings of The Road To Hell, The Art of War in Silicon Valley - and many workshop readings of The Lunch on its way to full production Fern’s two Films - Twin Primes and The Job Interview were exquisite jewels of film making. Fern knew how to work with the cinematographers and actors and editing and camera people to get what he wanted. He wrote those scripts and they really worked. He cast me as Bridget - and she was a character very unlike me. Fern was exacting and specific in how he wanted me to create her - especially in the final scene were he got me to deliver what he wanted in very few takes. Fern knew how to work with actors, push their buttons or sooth them. Fern got them to give their best. All the actors who ever worked with Fern loved him. He was an actors director. All the technical people too - set designers, stage managers, lighting props - Fern was a polymath and knew about everything. Fern inspired everyone to want to work with us. So many people gave of their time and talent to help make these productions possible, Joanie and Lynn and Susan and Scott all did producing, art designs, stage management, sound design - they all did it because they loved Fern and everyone wanted to be a part of what he did. He was charismatic and a magnet, he was warm and generous to everyone. And we all knew what he produced and directed would be terrific. Conversations at lunch or drinks or dinner were always entertaining and often hilarious. His political views were direct and spot on and his opinions about art - he saw every broadway show, and had vast knowledge of tv and film - made him super fun to talk with because he knew so much. He was an entirely unique man, super smart, warm and funny and demanding in his work. We wanted to excel to give him what he wanted which was the best in us. He made us all better - as friends, as artists and as co-workers. No one can ever take his place.

Posted by: Alex De Witt - New York , Nyc - Friend November 11, 2022

I worked with Fern and a great group of colleagues in the glory days of Lehman. I always felt a special connection with Fern and shared a love of esoteric vintage cars. He was one of the most vibrant, fun and smart people I've ever known and I am so sad to have learned of his passing. My condolences for out to all that loved him!

Posted by: Mike Cangialosi - Ridgewood, NJ - Friend November 12, 2022

I worked in the same group with Fern back at Digital Equipment Corp. He introduced me to real high-end audio equipment and we proved that his turntable sounded better vs. that new fangled CD ROM stuff. He also taught me that vegetable oil was not an acceptable substitute for regular motor oil in high displacement engines. Those that know Fern probably know this story as well. We saw the 1st Topgun movie at the theater, after that he made an attempt to join the Navy so he could fly the F-14 for real. He was always deeply passionate about whatever he was involved in and fully committed. Fern will be missed, he was a great human.

Posted by: Brian Nadeau - Nashua, NH - Friend November 12, 2022

My deepest condolences to Lynn and all of Fern's family and friends. An extraordinary and kind man, with many brilliant days shared with so many. I will miss him.

Posted by: Sheila Earley - Phoenix, AZ - Friend November 17, 2022

I worked with Fern at both Merrill (90s) and Lehman (2000's). He was one of the coolest people, fitted in clogs paired with a bespoke suit, Fern brought his own branding to Wall St. Engaging and eccentric- he was writing plays and composing their score while working in credit derivatives technology. His gift in math and technology took him far. It was great to see him return to his playwriting and directing roots post Wall St. He and Lynn came to my annual Kentucky Derby Day many times. He was great at giving advice and was a great friend. He and Lynn were perfect together. He was extraordinarily smart and with a gift of banter and Lynn's "up for anything" attitude made them terrific to be around. He made an effort to include me in with a great group of colleagues near and far. My sincere condolences to Lynn, his family and all of us who knew him.

Posted by: Elizabeth Morton - New York, New York - Friend July 31, 2023
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