Obituary of Jack V. Li

September 6, 2022

Jack V. Li, born November 7, 2000, an NYU student from Bellevue, WA, passed away unexpectedly September 6, 2022.  Jack is survived by his mother, Yun Kao, his father, Hang Li and his older brother Matthew.

Memorial service is scheduled on Sunday, September 18, 2022, at 11am at Greenwich Village Funeral Home, NYC. The graveside service will be held at a later date in Seattle. To leave a condolence for the family, please visit

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September 18, 2022

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Jack brought warmth, caring and love into our lives. He will always be missed.

Posted by: Maryann and Bob Kao - , NY - Family September 16, 2022

Jack was always such a caring person. One time when I passed out at Kamiakin Middle School, while everyone else stayed inside the classroom, Jack came out to make sure I was ok and waited with me until the ambulance came.

Posted by: Detlef Knauss - Redmond, Washington - Friend September 17, 2022

I remember the first time I met Jack, my first year of elementary school had just started and I was sitting on a bench at recess because I hadn't made any friends. Jack saw me sitting on that bench and brought over his whole group of friends and included me. We've been best friends ever since and he's always looked out for me, just like he did that very first time we met.

Posted by: Detlef Knauss - Redmond, Washington - Friend September 17, 2022

When Jack was three or four years old, at one occasion I was in the same swimming pool with him. Suddenly something scared him and he jumped into my arms. I was surprised by his trust. From that moment on, he was like one of my own. Jack was five days younger than Sarah and they celebrated their 7th birthday together. It was a sweet and beautiful memory now frozen in time and treasured forever. There were times I secretly wished they might like each other and he would truly become family. Jack was such an intelligent kid and had exceptional articulation skills. When he shared his interests in politics, I got the opportunity to see his capacity to love, to serve and help. It’s such a huge loss not only to his family and friends, but to many people who he had helped, and who yet to be helped by him. He was loved. He is now with the loving Creator.

Posted by: Xueling Han - Redmond, WA - Friend September 17, 2022

I enjoyed Jack's individuality and passionate desire to make the world a better place. He had a great sense of humor. He was kind and generous in his actions. His potential gifts to his family, friends and community will be a tragic loss. He will be missed on so many levels.

Posted by: Kolette Beckert - Lake Stevens, Washington - Family Friend September 17, 2022

I met Jack several times when he was growing up, but the last time I met him at Hang’s house, Memorial Day 2021, I had a discussion with Jack about his role as campaign manager for Ruth Lipscomb’s run for city council. I was quite impressed by his intellect and his well thought out political views. Then, during that visit, he asked if I would take him up in my airplane, a Cessna 182RG, which I gladly agreed to do. Kolette and I invited Hang, Yun, and Jack to our place a month later for an airplane ride. During the flight I let Jack fly and not only did he do an excellent job of flying the airplane, but he also showed a great understanding and appreciation of the aerodynamic forces involved. He also showed an interest in the avionics, instruments and how I navigated and flew. Jack had lots of talents and is a great loss to his family and friends.

Posted by: Rick Beckert - Lake Stevens, Washington - Family Friend September 17, 2022

I will never forget the day in Kindergarten when Jack changed our lives and befriended our son, Detlef. Jack’s kindness never wavered and he was a guiding force bringing people together. I will miss the days spent at my house making him chocolate chip cookies and seeing his eyes light up. His kind heart and love showed through always in support of his friends and family. We will miss him always!

Posted by: Andrea Knauss - Redmond, WA - Family Friend September 17, 2022

I have known Jack for less than 2 years in a working environment, but Jack was more like a friend to me. He was a unique individual. Jack has been sincere, respectful, and friendly since the first time that I met him… He was also a strong, indepedent individual who would adventure new environments. I will remember Jack and the words shared in my heart.

Posted by: Harry Cha - , - Friend September 20, 2022

Jack was a cool, collected upperclassmen when I was in Middle School. He always seemed in control and always had something interesting to say. He reached out to me about a videography job related to the work he was doing at and I’m happy that he thought of me. He gave my friend and I advice about highschool. He was a cool dude. I’m wishing his family the best.

Posted by: Iziash Suklan - Kirkland, WA - Friend September 23, 2022

Jack was the person that you always wanted to have around you, no matter what you were doing. He was curious, intelligent, mature, and always full of surprises. My most cherished memories involve spending time with Jack and his family, and I would always look forward to the next time we would hang out. Jack's impact on our family as well as his community could not be understated. He will be dearly missed by his friends and family, and be remembered as an individual who always served the greater good.

Posted by: Michael Quinn - Boston, Massachusetts - Friend September 26, 2022

We first met Jack when he was in preschool. Jack and our son Timmy were in the same class. At that time, Jack was a sweet little boy, always having sparkle lights in his eyes. We spent a lot of happy time together at school, parties, sport fields... After a few years, we diverged into different school districts, and didn't see each other much. Just a few years ago, in 2018, our two families met again at the SeaTac airport. Jack was now a tall, handsome, cool,trustable young man with tons of achievements! We have no doubts that he will be a super star for our community in the near future. His sudden passing is a tremendous loss not only to his family but also for his friends and community. He will be dearly missed! Rest in peace, Jack.

Posted by: Cathy/Charlie Zhao/Wang - Bellevue, WA - Friend September 30, 2022
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